I completed 20 years as an entrepreneur on Aug 15th, 2020. Yes, 20 years and it’s been a long journey. While i really didn’t realise what i was getting into then, this has truly been one of craziest rides one could ever have.

I still remember my parents calling asking, you are quitting your job? And do what? Advertising??? Are you serious?

Leading into the 20th year, brother Covid came and now 20 years celebrations has suddenly shrunk.

How did we fare? Pretty good, i guess.

Why, i guess? You are making the judgement, right?

So, did i achieve all my dreams? Not really.

Am i disappointed? Not at all.

Now, the question is, whats the plan?

So much has changed all around us and Covid19 is teaching us new lessons everyday too. The only which i am sure is, what has got us here, is not what is going to take us another 20 years.

So, yeah, thank you Covid19, while i am little tired and you have taken the sheen out of my 20 and 2020, i am all ready to take on the world with the energy and curiosity of a 2 year old.

Watch out!