Yes, Your Time is Now. And My Time is Now too. I am very excited and happy to announce the release of my book YourTimeIsNow which I have co-authored with Frank Moffatt, a motivational guru and an international author.

Frank & I, met on a flight, little less than 2 years, and continued to be in touch, exchanged thoughts and finally here we are with a book – #YourTimeIsNow and I really can’t believe it.

YTIN is a story about Brian who comes to India & lands up accidentally meeting his mentor, Sandeep, on a train to Goa. What transforms from there on, is a magical journey where he lands up at a Mentors Get-together, which exposes him on how to overcome limiting beliefs, have big dreams and how you can go about achieving any dream, financially or otherwise, by setting small smart realistic goals.

So here I am inviting all of you to join Brian (the main character) on his journey to lead a purposeful and well balanced life!

Preorder is now open on the website >> So, do pre-order and support by spreading the word too ?